World 'Population Density' Historical Values with Animated Bubble Chart

An Animated Bubble Chart is used to visualize the historical changes of Population Density, Fertility Rate, and Population of all countries. The chart employs dark visual mode and logarithmic scales on the X axis (Population Density). Items on the chart are divided into groups (continents in this case).
Note: Use Play/Pause to control the animation or click on the time axis to jump to a specific period. At any time click the pause button and Zoom In/Out (mouse wheel or pinch-to-zoom) the chart. Mouse over a specific item to see its values. Click on an item and choose History Line to see all previous (historical) values of the same item on the same chart. Learn more about all Animated Bubble Chart Features.

HTML/JavaScript Code

The HTML elements and JavaScript code used in this example.
<div id="chartDiv"></div>
function showChart() {
    let config = {
            title: "World Population Density, Fertility Rate, and Population Historical Values",
            width: "800",
            height: "600",
            darkMode: true,
            numberOfDecimals: 2,
            thousandsSeparator: ".",
            decimalSeparator: ",",
            transitionTime: 2,
            logarithmicXaxis: true,
            measures: [{ title: "Population Density" }, { title: "Fertility Rate" }, { title: "Population" }],
            dataCSVURL: "/charts-lib/examples/world-population-density-fertility.csv"

    kyubitTimeCharts.showBubbleChart("chartDiv", config);
Learn more about Animated Bubble Chart API.

Chart Data

All values for this animated bubble chart example are stored in the NASDAQ-historical.csv file.