NASDAQ Historical Values Race to the Top with Animated Bar Chart

An Animated Bar Chart is used to visualize the historical values of NASDAQ Top Companies by Market Cap between 2001 and 2023. The chart displays a list of top 15 companies through the time on a linear axis scale.
Note: Use Play/Pause to control the animation or click on the time axis to jump to a specific period. Learn more about all Animated Bar Chart Features.

HTML/JavaScript Code

The HTML elements and JavaScript code used in this example.
<div id="chartDiv"></div>
function showChart() {
    let config = {
        title: "NASDAQ, Maket Cap, Top 15 Companies Historical 2021 - 2023",
        width: "800",
        height: "600",
        darkMode: true,
        numberOfDecimals: 2,
        thousandsSeparator: ".",
        decimalSeparator: ",",
        transitionTime: 4,
        maxItemsPerTransition: 15,
        measures: [{ title: "Market Cap", prefix: "$" }],
        dataCSVURL: "/charts/examples/NASDAQ-historical-market-cap.csv",

    config.width = document.getElementById("chartDiv").clientWidth;
    config.height = document.getElementById("chartDiv").clientWidth * 0.6;

    kyubitTimeCharts.showBarChart("chartDiv", config);
Learn more about Animated Bar Chart API.

Chart Data

All values for this animated bar chart example are stored in the NASDAQ-historical-market-cap.csv file.