online chart creation Online creation of Animated Butterfly Chart

Create historical data animated charts with interactive features showing the evolution of values over time.

Test with your Data

Use this form to create an Animated Butterfly Chart with a single historical data set you provide. Test the chart with your values with no limits. The chart will be displayed with the 'Trial' visuals and behavior during the testing.

Produce & Embed

    Possibilities with online created chart:
  • JavasScript file to integrate to a web page.
  • Link to embed the chart hosted on to your web page.
  • Standalone HTML file for presentations.

Buy when you Like it

Once the created Animated Butterfly Chart meets your expectations, you can purchase it for production usage for $29 and remove 'Trial' visuals and behavior. Chart properties can be altered anytime later.
Upload the Execl/CSV file that contains data with values for the chart.
Learn more about expected data structures on the data structure samples page.
Upload your Excel/CSV file with values for the chart or Load sample chart values.
* Chart Properties can be changed anytime during the testing or after the purchase.
* Chart Values cannot be changed after the purchase. To work with multiple data sets, download and use the Kyubit Charts Library.