Step-by-step Dashboard Analytics Tutorial

Learn about the most important dashboard analytics features within this step-by-step dashboard introduction, with instructions on how to use many of the available dashboard possibilities within the Kyubit BI.

Create a New Dashboard

All users (except the 'Visitor' role) can create a new dashboard and optionally share it with other users and groups. To share the created dashboard with other users, move the dashboard to the folder with appropriate permissions.

Add a Chart / Visualization

From the chart toolbar on the left, drag-and-drop appropriate dashboard charts and visualizations on the dashboard surface.

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Chart Visual Options

Customize visual details of the chart that would help end-users notice important aspects of the visualized data.
To set visual options navigate to Chart > Edit > Options (tab).

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Specific Charts

Short insight into charts with special purposes.

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Create KPIs

Create a KPI within the Kyubit BI application to quickly observe the success status of your important business goals on the dashboard. The KPI is based upon your data that could be quickly evaluated with an analysis, or the SQL/MDX query. To create a new KPI, navigate to the 'KPI & Scorecards' application section and click on the 'New KPI' button.

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KPI Visualizations

Created KPIs could be displayed in different ways on the dashboard depending on the purpose and importance.

Dashboard Filtering

There are several ways to slice your dashboard data analytics and narrow data insights to a particular point of interest.

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Export To PDF

Dashboard Subscription

Subscribe and schedule to receive fresh dashboard data on your email at the scheduled time.

Chart Data Drill-Down

Dashboard chart analytics support data drill-down features, to quickly get insight into any other dimension related to a particular chart point.

Quick Explore

A 'Quick Explore' is another option to explore presented dashboard analytics data additionally. Once you define a 'Quick Explore' dimension level, every time you click on any chart point, a new window with a small chart will present the same point value drilled down to the 'Quick Explore' dimension level and selected 'Quick Explore' chart type.

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Expanded Chart View

Chart Auto-Refresh

Optionally, set individual charts on the dashboard to automatically refresh data if the dashboard is opened for a longer time.

Chart Caching

External Content URL

Open the external content when clicking on the chart point. External content could be opened with data describing a clicked point on the chart.

Slide Show

Run the created dashboard in the slideshow mode that will iterate each dashboard visualization in the fullscreen mode with a defined slide time duration.

Dashboard Mobile View

Access dashboards with mobile view available with mobile devices. Browse available dashboards at http://yourkyubitapp/mobile/index.html.

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Embedded Dashboard

Dashboards created within Kyubit Business Intelligence could be easily embedded in any HTML page, allowing a number of configuration options to customize dashboard appearance to best fit visually into an existing HTML page. Learn more about Embedded BI and Embedded Analytics

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